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Ultimate Solution for Experience Management

Total Engagement Assessment Model – TEAM is a robust, proven and scalable assessment tool to help you better understand your workforce.

Developed in partnership with leading thought leaders and industry practitioners; TEAM has now been deployed to over 1.5 million employees across 20,000+ organizations, serving as a valuable assessment tool, feedback loop and validation for your employee experience and engagement.

Make Real Impact

Retain the top talent and avoid unwanted attrition.

TEAM provides you with engagement insights in real-time. Take action quickly based on real-time data to address problems.
Our algorithm offers you industry-specific benchmark from over 20,000 organizations across a wide-spectrum of industries. With the Pro Version, get a deeper level of insight through our tailored report by comparing your organization results with your industry and market.
TEAM algorithm help you discover hidden insights from open-ended employee feedback. View as a heatmap, key discussion topics and feedbacks at-a-glance. This helps you and the team to understand rapidly the key areas of improvement.
TEAM makes employee retention easier by identifying unhappy employees in real-time. Get to know their challenges and concerns instantly so you can take corrective action to retain them.

One Flat Fee

Flexible to Meet Your Needs

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Over 20,000 Employers and Growing

Why T.E.A.M

T.E.A.M establishes the levels of engagement within your organisation and identifies strategies and initiatives to enhance employee wellbeing, motivation and productivity.

The T.E.A.M questionnaires are a combination of 35 analytical questions and free-text response options that can rapidly pinpoint the issues that contribute to underperformance and keep performers focused.

Give your employees a voice and the opportunity
to share their concerns and suggestions